Solitary Rules

The same game you already know – with simpler rules.
Head against the house to make it more exciting.
The deck contains 52 cards and you will win for each card placed in the Foundation, according to your bet. Win up to $ 2600!
To Play: Select the amount of the bet and click Deal.

Objective: Move as many cards as possible from the Mazzoe and from the columns of the Tableau in the Fondamenta.

For playing:

Foundation Stacks: Construct a column of cards of the same suit from the Ace to the King.
Tableau columns: Construct a column by alternating cards of different colors and lower values.
Click and move the cards or double-click to auto-move.
Move a King to the Empty Column.
Consolidate the Column to reveal cards face up.
Pass a card through the Pile Stock by distributing one card at a time.
You can split the column to move one part into another.
You can move a card from Foundations to Tableau.
Undo multiples – to repeat the last moves made, up to the last one revealed.
Use Game Options
Click on the help button for more information and complete rules.
Good luck and have fun!