Speak sports that play the language

September 20, 2018

Are all your friends very well experienced in the language of sports are playing? If so, do not get left behind. Even a novice gambler like you stands a chance to talk to them in a language common to all sports gambling fans. All you have to do is study some sports that you play terms.

You can start with these:

Double Bet – This is a sports gambling term that denotes an act in which a gambler places a bet that is twice the amount that he places. Some sports gambling enthusiasts have already formed their own betting model and they like to stick to their indicated betting amount each time they play. However, there are times that double their bets due to several reasons. One is that they are chasing their losses and another is that they think they have a high chance of winning.

Board – In sports gambling, this means the biggest chance of a gambler to win. He or she must have a bigger chance because he is betting on the favorite or knows that the game has been rigged.

Favorite – also called chalk in the world of sports gambling. A team or an athlete becomes the favorite if a lot of people bet on them or on him based on their skills, performance or opponent status.

Fifty cents – this means a bet of fifty dollars in sports that play the mass.

Figure – Sometimes, the bookmaker admits that his clients do not pay cash on the placement of the bet. He or she just collects the amount due after the game. How much a gambler owes him is called the figure.

First half bet – there are occasions when gambling players would only bet on the result of the first part of the sporting event. This is possible at sports events like basketball where there is a halftime.

Reducing – in sports playing slang, this means the actual act of placing a bet.

Great salami – there are results that a gambling player can bet on in the world of gambling sports. An example of this is the number of hockey goals made in a single day. Here, gambling players bet if a specified number is less or more than real goals made.

Half a dollar – this of course is also called the fifty cents, meaning a value of fifty dollars of betting.